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Care facility

Healthcare facilities have to deal with different departments with vastly different tasks. While as a rule it would seem fine to use walkie-talkies for the healthcare personnel on the floor, in practice this is not a viable option. However, receptionists from various departments, physicians working with colleagues and patients can [ Read more...]

2023-03-06T15:41:54+00:006March 2023|Telecomheadsets, Healthcare institution|

Office environment with hybrid working

This company consisted of a mix of employees. Some of them always worked in the office and some worked remotely, from home or another location. However, all these people had to work together a lot, even when they were not physically together. So there was a [ Read more...]

2023-03-06T15:35:18+00:00March6, 2023|Hybridworking, Office, Telecom headsets|March 6, 2023|.
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