Healthcare institutions have to deal with different departments with an extremely diverse range of tasks. Although it would generally seem nice to work with walkie-talkies for the healthcare staff on the floor, in practice this is not feasible. However, receptionists from various departments, doctors who communicate with colleagues and patients and directors can of course improve efficiency by using flexible communication solutions. At this healthcare institution we worked in phases and equipped the various job profiles step by step with a headset suitable for their specific work.

User experience

As a hospital, we employ a huge number of people, many different work processes, many lines of communication, but also have to deal with safety regulations and sensitive information. Although we were convinced that we could really gain a lot with a different approach and the investment in appropriate hardware, we also found it exciting. United headsets has spent a lot of time and care on properly mapping the different user profiles within our institution. To make it manageable for us as a management team and at the same time increase the chance of adoption among employees, a phased implementation was chosen, in which United Headsets really supported us with the necessary explanation on the floor.

First of all, we have provided all receptionists with a UH Max 40 USB so that they can now make hands-free conversations and therefore have their hands free to simultaneously schedule appointments or consult other programs on the computer. We then provided doctors and the management team with UH Max 75 wireless headsets and provided them with the necessary explanations. Because the UH Max 75 is wireless, they can now consult from various flexible workstations in our hospital and even conduct online consultations, without being bothered by background noise. For them too, a hands-free experience makes them more productive and efficient. As soon as the conversation is over, the file is updated. So it really saves a lot of time! And, since it is known that this is often lacking in healthcare, it was more than worth the investment!

We are not only very satisfied with the hardware itself, but certainly also with the approach, the interest, the honest advice, the implementation and also the service of United Headsets. We highly recommend them!

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