This garden center initially worked with the Motorola CLP446, but wanted to switch to a completely wireless system. Since they are a large branch with several departments, the desire was for broader coverage to further improve mutual communication. We have supplied, installed and managed our UH Retail Communications for more than 40 users. Because employees can communicate with each other faster with this system, they have to take fewer steps and can therefore do more work with fewer people, while customer contact and customer service are improved.

We recently also added CallPoints to the system at service desks in the center. This allows a customer waiting at a counter to press a button, after which a message goes out through the employees’ earphones and the customer simultaneously hears a message that someone is on the way.

Customer experience

We initially used the CLP446 from Motorola Solutions. However, afterwards it turned out that the cables of this type of walkie-talkies broke quickly in a garden center environment. The range of the walkie-talkies in the garden center was also not always sufficient, we sometimes heard other people on the walkie-talkies or there was a lot of noise. So we started looking for an alternative.

Lumidee presented the United Headsets communication system. We were at first very skeptical about a headset that really hangs on your head; worried that the headset would be too heavy and that it would quickly fall off your head. Due to our doubts, Lumidee sent us a UH headset, including the associated options for wearing it. We opted for the headband. It turned out that it was very light and there was no objection to wearing it all day. It is also no problem for a glasses wearer.

We are very positive about the audio quality. The sound is clear and everyone can be heard clearly, regardless of where you are in the garden center. It is also very nice that there is no cord from your ear to a device on your pants. What I also think is a big advantage is that management can be done remotely and, for example, updates are provided. New headsets are also programmed in advance and then sent to us. Upon arrival, you only have to leave the headset on for 30 minutes and it can be used. Because of corona, we have chosen to give every employee their own headset. However, the headset is easy to clean if there are multiple users of one headset.

Choose our all-in-one communication system, and experience the future of efficient, adaptable, and sustainable communication solutions with easy and fast (remote) management.