This company consisted of a mix of employees. Some of them always worked in the office and some employees worked remotely, from home or another location. However, all these people had to work together a lot, even when they were not physically together. So there was an urgent need for reliable, flexible communication solutions that made it possible to communicate with each other without noise on the line. Therefore, based on the various user profiles, we have equipped the employees of this organization with our wired Max 40 Stereo and wireless Max 75 headsets.

User experience

Our organization has more than 70 employees, some of whom are always in the office and some of whom also frequently work remotely. Then it can sometimes be quite a challenge to keep lines short and ensure collaboration runs smoothly. Together with United Headsets, we have made a selection of two types of headsets to equip our employees with, based on the user profiles and the wishes of our employees.

The reactions are very positive. Our employees enjoy using headsets for telephone calls, but also for video meetings, for example. Both in the office and in external environments you always have to deal with background noise and we have managed to eliminate it in this way. Employees indicate that they are much less distracted by their environment and can concentrate better on a conversation. All in all, we notice that productivity has increased significantly and that communication between team members is clearer and more efficient. In addition, employees, both in the office and externally, adopt a better working attitude. This is not only more comfortable, but also reduces the risk of absenteeism due to illness in the long term.

Choose our all-in-one communication system, and experience the future of efficient, adaptable, and sustainable communication solutions with easy and fast (remote) management.