This customer has a restaurant with different rooms and a separate room where they host events. They had been looking for some time for a system that had sufficient coverage so that staff could communicate with each other, regardless of where they were in the building. With the help of our repeaters, which allow us to expand our UH Retail Communication System, we were able to achieve coverage throughout the entire building. After first taking a measurement, we made a plan for the installation. Everything has now been implemented and the entire system is being used successfully. Although our entire system was easy to integrate with their existing telephone exchange, they also switched to our VoIP 3CX Exchange, because it also allows them to communicate centrally via one system with customers who, for example, use the live chat function on their website or Facebook.

Customer experience

We have a rather challenging location when it comes to coverage. United Headsets has ensured that we can now connect with each other from any room. That saves a lot of time on the floor! Employees in the restaurant can easily call for help from employees who are setting up a room without leaving the floor, employees who are running a party alone can easily contact the kitchen when additions are needed to the buffet and also in emergency situations such as someone who becomes unwell, an employee does not have to leave the guest to call for help from a colleague. This has made collaboration a lot more efficient and we need fewer staff to do the same work. This is of course fantastic, especially in times of shortages!

Initially we were not actually looking for a new telephone exchange, but when we discovered what 3CX can actually do, we made the switch anyway. Very convenient that you can conduct all your communications via a central system. Video conferences with customers and suppliers are easier to set up and we can manage the live chat on our website and Facebook with multiple people at the same time.

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