This shoe store wanted to work more efficiently and improve customer service. To save steps and time on busy days, they looked for a suitable system to communicate with each other remotely, so that employees are in contact with each other when one of them is in the warehouse or at the office, for example. We supplied a UH Base station with a Repeater so that they had coverage everywhere and equipped the staff with UH DECT headsets.

User experience

A clothing store in our street used this system so that on the one hand they could work faster and at the same time there would be a salesperson on the floor more often. They were extremely satisfied and on busy Saturdays they were even able to manage with one man less than before. So we wanted to try it too. We first tested the system and were very satisfied, so we decided to purchase it!

It really is a godsend, especially on busy days. Super handy that you can call for assistance or someone in the warehouse can quickly let you know whether a certain size is still in stock. Customer service and turnaround time have really improved as a result.


Choose our all-in-one communication system, and experience the future of efficient, adaptable, and sustainable communication solutions with easy and fast (remote) management.