Schools are also moving with the times and are increasingly turning to us to provide communication solutions that promote collaboration between teachers and students. This also applies to this university, which has drastically changed their way of teaching and collaborating since the pandemic. What started as a necessity, they have now embraced as a new and improved way of teaching and collaborating. Although they had a thorough strategy and plan in place, they were still looking for the necessary hardware to make further rollout possible. Because the budget was also a challenge, the choice was made to use personalized headsets. This way the budget could be divided among different departments; IT and Marketing.

User experience

Obviously we all had to get used to teaching and collaborating remotely, but we soon noticed that this also brought many advantages. Some students perform significantly better from the peace and quiet of their home environment, because they can literally pay attention better. The lessons are also designed much more efficiently by the teachers, so less time is lost. The same applies to meetings that take place online. However, this only applies when people have a quiet space and/or the right resources to participate in a lesson, telephone conversation or consultation in peace.

That’s why we asked United Headsets for advice. They not only provided us with appropriate advice about the right hardware, but also helped us creatively to realize this investment. Since we work with budgets from different departments and there was not sufficient budget available from the IT department, we were able to divide the budget between the IT and marketing departments by choosing personalized headsets. This also means that, in addition to achieving efficiency gains, we now also have a nice calling card to the outside world. Our students receive a lot of positive response to the fact that we provide them with these types of resources. Which of course has a positive effect on our image. All in all, we are very happy and satisfied!

Choose our all-in-one communication system, and experience the future of efficient, adaptable, and sustainable communication solutions with easy and fast (remote) management.