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We provide solutions for warehouse and storage facilities, ensuring reliable, easy, and hassle-free wireless communication linked in a modular, scalable system with extensive indoor and outdoor coverage.

Communication solutions logistics, warehouse & storage facilities

In warehouse and storage facilities, daily operations rely on consistent communication. The ability to connect with staff both indoors and outdoors, easily trigger alarms, and facilitate team coordination through calls and messaging all in one user-friendly device is essential. We offer solutions designed to fulfill the requirements for straightforward and seamless wireless communication within a modular and scalable system. All the devices – including repeaters, handsets, headsets, and more – are securely connected through distributed base stations that function effectively both indoors and outdoors. This eliminates issues like poor audio quality or dropped calls when individuals are on the move.

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We offer a comprehensive range of customizable solutions suitable for large enterprises, accommodating up to 15,000+ concurrent users. The system and its capabilities are effortlessly scalable to align with the precise demands of your customers. This scalability extends to encompass extensive areas and multiple floors, surmounting complexities associated with structural layouts and signal-interfering materials. Additionally, it includes outdoor areas when necessary.


United Headsets communication solutions encompass wireless handsets and headsets, facilitating clear voice communication and safety features for staff members. Our product range includes ruggedized handsets featuring a belt clip design, offering functionalities like text messaging and pull-cord alarm features for “lone worker” safety. We also provide United Headsets wireless headsets that enable hands-free operations and voice command reception.

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