This hardware store did not yet use a communication system for employees on the floor. However, she wanted to increase efficiency in the workplace and improve their customer service. Since they are a large branch with multiple departments, after a measurement we advised to use our UH Retail Communication System with various repeaters for sufficient coverage. In addition to headsets for employees, we have also installed CallPoints for service desks that are not continuously manned, but also at pick-up points and at the warehouse, for example.

User experience

We are so happy that we took this step! Because our employees do not have to travel such great distances to ask a colleague from another department a question, customers are helped more quickly. Moreover, this also means that employees are more often present in their own department in view of customers. Ideal! The range of the headsets and the coverage are sufficient, despite the fact that we have a really large building.

The addition of the CallPoints is a bit of the icing on the cake. Both at the front and at the back. For example, there is one at our service desk. If no one is there, the customer can press the button, after which employees will receive a message that someone is waiting. The great thing is that the customer also hears at the same time that someone is on the way. At the back, the same applies to suppliers who want to unload. They simply log in at the touch of a button and employees can remotely check who is there and grant access or move to the entrance.

All in all, we have been able to make real improvements in our working methods and at the same time significantly improve customer service.

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