This supermarket already used our UH Communication System, with which they were very satisfied. In order to provide faster service to customers remotely, they requested us to add CallPoints to the existing integration.

User experience

We have been using the UH communication system in the workplace for some time. This saves quite a few unnecessary movements and we can help customers faster. For example, if they ask an employee whether a certain item is still in stock, the employee does not have to walk all the way to the warehouse. With one push of a button he asks his colleague in the warehouse the question. He/she does not have to leave the customer’s workplace and the customer does not have to wait unnecessarily long for an answer. Awesome!

We have now further expanded the system with CallPoints. We now have a CallPoint with the packaging. Previously, if there was a malfunction and a customer was waiting, he or she could ring an old-fashioned bell. After a loud ringing it was still uncertain whether an employee had noticed this, both for us and for the customer. The CallPoint replaces this bell. When a customer uses the CallPoint, a message is sent to all employees’ earphones stating that assistance is needed and at the same time the customer hears: “Dear customer, an employee is on the way.” This not only means working faster, more efficiently and more pleasantly. But it is also an enormous added value for the customer experience.

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