During the Corona pandemic, this call center could no longer provide all employees with a place in their office. However, because they did not want to lose sight of everyone, they made a fair division in days that employees would work on location or at home. The desire was also to equip all employees with their own flexible headset that they could use both at home and on location. The headset also had to have Noise Canceling so that the customer would not be bothered by background noise, regardless of where the employees were. That is why we have equipped the entire team of this call center with our Max 40 Stereo Headsets.

User experience

Every day, 200 people work in our call center, spread over two different areas. During the Corona pandemic, we obviously could not have everyone come to our location. Because we thought it was important to maintain a bond with our people, we chose to make a fair division between when people worked here or at home. That is why, but also from a hygienic point of view, we thought it was important to equip everyone with their own headset that was suitable for use both at our location and at home and also had noise canceling. After all, you don’t want a customer to hear other calling employees during the conversation, but a barking dog in the background also comes across as far from professional.

United Headsets recommended the UH Max 40 to us. This not only met our requirements, but was also affordable and available in large quantities. Something that was a major problem with other suppliers. We found the beautiful design an additional advantage. As a result, it also felt a bit like a gift for our employees during a difficult period. We only receive positive reactions! And, it has enabled us to continue hybrid working in some form, even now that we are allowed to go to the call center again.

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