Healthcare & Hospitals

Our healthcare solutions guarantee dependable critical communication, offering systems and devices designed to facilitate optimal clinical collaboration and enhance patient care.

Communication solutions for healthcare & hospitals

Our healthcare solutions are purposefully designed to address the imperative need for secure and reliable transmission of data and messages.

Communication needs and work challenges within the healthcare sector can vary greatly. Our healthcare wireless systems are engineered to comprehensively address all aspects and requirements. We formulate and design the ideal solution to cater to your customers’ specific needs.

Distinctive features and capabilities suitable for deployment in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, emergency treatment centers, health clinics, and care facilities encompass >>

  • 100% reliability in emergency situations
  • Specialized alarm functions
  • Tailored emergency response functions to ensure timely arrival of those alerted
  • Adherence to general hygiene standards
  • Compliance with specific antimicrobial transmission specifications

United Headsets DECT Handset


Individuals working in healthcare settings, whether it be in hospitals, mental institutions, elderly care centers, or other healthcare facilities, share a common need for mobility. They should have the freedom to move around their respective facilities without concern about losing communication links with their teams. Our healthcare systems are designed to provide coverage across extensive areas, ensuring continuous connectivity of devices.


In healthcare, secure and reliable communication, along with essential alarm functions, are of paramount importance for healthcare professionals. We facilitate seamless communication and coordination for clinicians, granting them continuous access to sensitive patient data through their devices. Our easily deployable and managed solutions enhance workflow efficiency across all sectors of the healthcare industry.


Maintaining optimal hygiene is a fundamental requirement in the healthcare sector. Our healthcare solutions incorporate specially designed antibacterial handsets to address this imperative concern, meeting the essential need for a suitable solution in the healthcare industry.

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