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Clave Series: Redefining Wireless Headsets with Eco-Friendly Design

The United Headsets Clave series presents a line of high-end wireless headsets boasting not only an appealing design but also full functionality and environmental sustainability.

Multiple wireless connectivity, maximum scalability & user-friendly cloud based services for any work environment

United Headsets is a global tech company that innovates and delivers comprehensive, scalable, user-friendly communication systems with multi-wireless connectivity, maximum coverage, and a cloud-based service platform for installation and (remote) management. In close partnership we offer our clients customized, turn-key, end-to-end solutions with full product lifecycle management.

Our eCo-System; efficient Communication System

Our innovative, cost-effective, and user-friendly all-in-one eCo-system is designed to adapt to various work situations and styles. From traditional office setups to the dynamic landscape of hybrid work models, bustling call centers, the demanding environments of healthcare facilities and even the unique demands of hotels, hospitality establishments, and retail spaces, our communication solution offers unparalleled versatility.

Our communication system is fully modular and scalable, ensuring unlimited coverage and a secure, stable connection. It provides effective, reliable, high-quality wireless communication in any part of a building, structure, or facility, regardless of its size or configuration.

Featuring multiple wireless connectivity options, our system seamlessly integrates with VoIP, mobile networks, DECT, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth™, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. What sets us apart is our system’s ability to switch between different channels and devices with ease, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our product lifecycle management. Our solid designs, interchangeable batteries, refurbishment policy, and rigorous recycling practices make our system an eco-friendly choice. We prioritize responsible resource management, ensuring that our products have a lasting and positive impact on your business and the environment.

Choose our all-in-one communication system, and experience the future of efficient, adaptable, and sustainable communication solutions with easy and fast (remote) management.

With Cloud Based Services

Our unique Cloud Services platform offers a suite of user-friendly online tools, equipped with services for the efficient management, deployment, monitoring, site administration, and tracking of all of our wireless installations, regardless of their scale.

Our platform is adaptable and can be tailored to align with your specific product portfolio, technical specifications, and brand identity. This customization empowers you to deliver a noticeably improved level of service to your customers.

Cloud Based Services

What do users say about our eCo-system?


  • Wireless Communication System


    The use of DECT devices, with or without a headset, in a hotel offers numerous benefits that can improve overall operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. In this text we will discuss the main benefits of this technology in the hotel industry and how it can improve the guest experience. United Headsets' DECT solutions not only provide wireless accessibility and communication, they also offer infinite coverage and significant benefits for hotels. They improve communication, response times, [ Read more... ]

  • 3CX telefonie


    Healthcare institutions have to deal with different departments with an extremely diverse range of tasks. Although it would generally seem nice to work with walkie-talkies for the healthcare staff on the floor, in practice this is not feasible. However, receptionists from various departments, doctors who communicate with colleagues and patients and directors can of course improve efficiency by using flexible communication solutions. At this healthcare institution we worked in phases and equipped the various job [ Read more... ]

  • Banner United Headsets telecom voor Call Centers & Contact Centers


    Schools are also moving with the times and are increasingly turning to us to provide communication solutions that promote collaboration between teachers and students. This also applies to this university, which has drastically changed their way of teaching and collaborating since the pandemic. What started as a necessity, they have now embraced as a new and improved way of teaching and collaborating. Although they had a thorough strategy and plan in place, they were still [ Read more... ]

  • Banner United Headsets telecom office en kantoren

    Office environment with hybride workers

    This company consisted of a mix of employees. Some of them always worked in the office and some employees worked remotely, from home or another location. However, all these people had to work together a lot, even when they were not physically together. So there was an urgent need for reliable, flexible communication solutions that made it possible to communicate with each other without noise on the line. Therefore, based on the various user [ Read more... ]

  • United Headsets DECT headset winkel banner

    Clothing- & shoe stores

    This shoe store wanted to work more efficiently and improve customer service. To save steps and time on busy days, they looked for a suitable system to communicate with each other remotely, so that employees are in contact with each other when one of them is in the warehouse or at the office, for example. We supplied a UH Base station with a Repeater so that they had coverage everywhere and equipped the staff with [ Read more... ]

  • Banner United Headsets telecom voor Call Centers & Contact Centers

    Contact Center

    During the Corona pandemic, this call center could no longer provide all employees with a place in their office. However, because they did not want to lose sight of everyone, they made a fair division in days that employees would work on location or at home. The desire was also to equip all employees with their own flexible headset that they could use both at home and on location. The headset also had to have [ Read more... ]

  • United Headsets DECT headset horeca


    This customer has a restaurant with different rooms and a separate room where they host events. They had been looking for some time for a system that had sufficient coverage so that staff could communicate with each other, regardless of where they were in the building. With the help of our repeaters, which allow us to expand our UH Retail Communication System, we were able to achieve coverage throughout the entire building. After first taking [ Read more... ]

  • United headsets DECT headset tuincentrum

    Garden center

    This garden center initially worked with the Motorola CLP446, but wanted to switch to a completely wireless system. Since they are a large branch with several departments, the desire was for broader coverage to further improve mutual communication. We have supplied, installed and managed our UH Retail Communications for more than 40 users. Because employees can communicate with each other faster with this system, they have to take fewer steps and can therefore do more [ Read more... ]

  • United headsets DECT headset distributiecentrum

    DIY store

    This hardware store did not yet use a communication system for employees on the floor. However, she wanted to increase efficiency in the workplace and improve their customer service. Since they are a large branch with multiple departments, after a measurement we advised to use our UH Retail Communication System with various repeaters for sufficient coverage. In addition to headsets for employees, we have also installed CallPoints for service desks that are not continuously [ Read more... ]

  • United Headsets DECT handset supermarkt


    This supermarket already used our UH Communication System, with which they were very satisfied. In order to provide faster service to customers remotely, they requested us to add CallPoints to the existing integration. User experience We have been using the UH communication system in the workplace for some time. This saves quite a few unnecessary movements and we can help customers faster. For example, if they ask an employee whether a certain item is [ Read more... ]