United Headsets solutions

With a focus on system integration, our portfolio is supplied in many different solutions including handsets, headsets, base stations, repeaters, and advanced cloud-based tools.

Our portfolio

United Headsets eCo-System

Improve the customer experience with suitable communication solutions for your team on location or remotely. Our products are user-friendly and scalable to your wishes and needs. Thanks to the open communication system, you are assured of safe and simple communication without noise on the line.

  • Effective communication with maximum coverage
  • Avoid hitches & glitches
  • Reduce background noise
  • Improve collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction
Cloud Based Services

United Headsets solutions

We offer various wireless and wired headsets that are designed for the professional and flexible (home) workplace for any industry. All our headset ranges are provied with HD sound quality and noise canceling microphone. The United Headsets headset-series are continuously evolving and expanding to meet the demands of fast-growing work and home workplaces.

View our full range for the best hands-free experience, even in extremely noisy work environments.

  • Wireless headsets with endless talk-time due to replaceable battery
  • Wireless headsets with optional DECT and/or Bluetooth USB dongle for hybrid working

  • Headsets both wired as wireless, for desk phones, PC/laptop, mobile and smartphone

  • Endless coverage due to single- & multi-cell base stations and repeaters

  • DECT PTT-headsets and headsets for wireless communication on the workfloor


The United Headsets Max 40 and 75 can be personalized if desired, to match your corporate identity. Not only does this create mutual uniformity and a feeling of engagement within a team, it is also nice branding for your organisation.

The benefits of personalized headsets:
  • Onboarding, Team spirit & Practical

  • Incentive & Productivity

  • Branding for your organisation