United Headsets DECT Base

United Headsets Base Station enables wireless store communications, is easy to use and supports multiple connection options for wireless headsets or handsets. The system is scalable and flexible with a setup of multiple base stations. The system can be easily integrated into a cloud solution that ensures easy maintenance, high security and flexibility. Ideal for wireless store communication in, for example, supermarkets, hotels, shops, logistics & retail.

Main features:

  • Supports multiple connection sources
  • Scalability achieved through patented technology
  • Easy integration with telephone network
  • Supports wideband and narrowband audio
  • Scalable system from 1 to 4000 bases in the same network
  • Supports software downloads to wireless terminals
  • LED status indication
  • Seamless transfer
  • Repeater support
  • Can be set or maintained remotely
  • Supports all United Headsets devices

Other hardware in our portfolio:

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