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Professional, efficient and reliable communication solutions suitable for any situation.

Reliable communication solutions

Need to streamline your internal communications, increase efficiency in the workplace and/or improve your customer service? We offer appropriate communication solutions for every situation. 

We specialize in customization for various work situations and styles; from offices, to hybrid work to call centers, healthcare facilities and schools. We are happy to provide you with the right hardware with installation.

All of our communication solutions are user-friendly to deploy based on your specific needs and requirements.

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Enhance the customer experience with appropriate communication solutions for your on-site or remote team. Our products are user-friendly to deploy according to your needs and requirements. With our solutions, you are assured of secure and easy communication without noise on the line.

Wondering what we can do for you?

Our staff will be happy to assist you! Please feel free to contact us for personalized advice. We are also happy to provide you with a test setup, so that you can experience the benefits of our communication solutions in your own environment.

United Headsets Max 75: wireless bluetooth headset

What do our customers say?

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    Office environment with hybrid working

    This company consisted of a mix of employees. Some of them always worked in the office and some worked remotely, from home or another location. However, all these people did need to collaborate with each other a lot, even when they were not physically together. So there was an urgent need for reliable, flexible communication solutions that made it possible to communicate with each other without noise on the line. So, based on the various user profiles, we equipped the employees of this organization with our wired Max 40 Stereo and wireless Max 75 headsets. Customer experience Our organization [Read more...]

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    Contact Center

    During the Corona pandemic, this call center could no longer accommodate all employees in their office. However, since they did not want to "lose track" of everyone, they made a fair division in days that employees would work on location or at home. In doing so, they also wanted to equip all employees with their own flexible headset that they could use both at home and on location. The headset also had to have Noise Cancelling so that the customer would not be bothered by background noise, regardless of where the employees were located. Consequently, we assigned the entire team of [Read more...]