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Professional and efficient communication solutions.

Efficient communication; scalable and secure

Need to streamline your internal communications, increase efficiency in the workplace and/or improve your customer service? We offer appropriate communication solutions for every situation. 

We specialize in customization for retail and telecom; from stores, to garden centers to distribution centers, offices and call centers. Not only do we provide you with the right hardware with installation, we are also happy to provide you with a VoIP telephone system with full setup and management if required.

All our communication solutions are user-friendly and scalable to your needs and requirements. Our open communication system also ensures secure and efficient communication.

United Headsets Multicharger + 2 Retail DECT headsets


Collaborate more efficiently, increase revenue and improve customer service with our fully wireless solution for communicating your team on the floor, and beyond. Communication takes place in a closed DECT system; which is secure and more cost-effective than walkie-talkies. The system can also be equipped with CallPoints for even greater efficiency.

  • Supermarket

  • DIY

  • Garden Center

  • Clothing & shoe store

  • Hospitality / Restaurants

  • Distribution Center


Enhance the customer experience with appropriate communication solutions for your on-site or remote team. Our products are user-friendly and scalable to your needs and requirements. With the open communication system, you are assured of secure and easy communication without noise on the line.

  • Office

  • Call Centers

Wondering what we can do for you?

Our staff will be happy to assist you! Please feel free to contact us for personalized advice. We are also happy to provide you with a test setup so that you can experience the benefits of our communication solutions in your own environment.

United Headsets Max 75: wireless bluetooth headset

What do our customers say?

  • United Headsets DECT headset store banner

    Clothing & shoe store

    This shoe store wanted to become more efficient and improve customer service. To save steps and time on busy days, they were looking for a suitable system to communicate remotely with each other so that employees could be in touch when one of them was in the warehouse or office, for example. We provided a UH base station with repeater so they had coverage everywhere and equipped staff with UH DECT headsets. Customer Experience A clothing store down the street from us had this system in use so that on the one hand they could work faster while at the same time having a salesperson [Read more...] more often.

  • United Headsets DECT headset hospitality industry


    This client has a restaurant with several rooms as well as a separate room where they host events. They had been looking for some time for a system that had sufficient coverage so that staff could communicate with each other no matter where they were in the building. Using our repeaters to extend our UH Retail Communication System, we were able to make sure they had coverage throughout the building. After taking measurements first, we created a plan for installation. Everything has since been implemented and the entire system is being used successfully. Although our entire system is easily [Read more...]

  • United headsets DECT headset garden center

    Garden Center

    This garden center initially worked with the Motorola CLP446, but had the desire to move to a fully wireless system. Since they are a large establishment with multiple departments, the desire was for wider coverage to further improve communication between them. We supplied, installed and managed our UH Retail Communications for more than 40 users. Because this system allows employees to communicate with each other faster, they have fewer steps to take and can therefore do more work with fewer people, while improving customer contact and customer service. Recently, we also provided CallPoints to [Read more...]

  • United headsets DECT headset distribution center


    This hardware store was not yet using a communication system for employees on the floor. However, they wanted to increase efficiency on the shop floor and improve their customer service. Since they are a large facility with multiple departments, after a measurement we recommended using our UH Retail Communication System with several repeaters for sufficient coverage. In addition to headsets for the employees, we also installed CallPoints for service counters that are not continuously staffed, as well as, for example, at pick-up points and at the warehouse. Customer experience We are so glad we took this step! Because our employees are not [Read more...]

  • United Headsets DECT handset supermarket


    This supermarket was already using our UH Retail Communication System, which they were very satisfied with. In order to also provide and faster service to customers remotely, they had requested us to add CallPoints to the existing integration. Customer experience We have been using the UH communication system on the shop floor for some time. It saves quite a few unnecessary movements and we can help customers faster. For example, if they ask an employee whether a particular item is still in stock, the employee does not have to walk all the way to the warehouse. With one push of a button, [Read more...]